ERC funded Postdoc fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 to 4 years)
on Quantum Fluids of light

Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 to 4 years) on Quantum Fluids of light

Job Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Field: Quantum gases, quantum optics, cold atoms.
Employer: Sorbonne University
Location: Paris, France
Application deadline: July 31st 2023
Salary: 2100€ – 2850€/month net salary (depending on experience)
Duration: 24 months (up to 48-60 months possible)
Starting date (expected): October 1st 2023
Funding: ERC Consolidator Grant

As a postdoc you will lead the construction of a new experimental apparatus for observing
a quantum phase transition of light with the support of highly qualified PhD students. In parallel,
you will be involved in the current activities of the team (Bose-bose mixture, 1D quantum
fluid of light, quantum turbulence…). More details in the PDF file


he Quantum Fluid of Light team is composed of 5-8 members (3-5 PhD students, 1-2 Master
students, 1-2 postdocs) and has a strong expertise in Quantum Fluids of Light with seminal
papers about superfluidity of light, shockwaves, quantum quenches, and phase transition.
We are looking for highly motivated candidate with an expertise in cold atoms, atomic physics
and/or quantum optics. An experience in building a cold atoms setup is a plus. The offer
is for 2 years with 2-3 years extension possible during the entire duration of the ERC
Consolidator project.
Our lab (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS, Sorbonne University) offers first class equip-
ments and a lively scientific environnement with weekly seminars of scientific leaders and many
collaborations opportunities.
We strongly encourage women to apply and we do our best to create a secure and welcoming
environnement for women in science. Our group is currently composed of 4 men and 4 women.
Please contact directly Quentin Glorieux with a CV at

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