Quantum Mutual Information of an Entangled State Propagating through a Fast-Light Medium
Clark, Jeremy B and Glasser, Ryan T and Glorieux, Quentin and Vogl, Ulrich and Li, Tian and Jones, Kevin M and Lett, Paul D

Nature Photonics 8, 515 (2014)

Nature Photonics 8, 515  (2014)

It is widely accepted that information cannot travel faster than c, the speed of light in vacuum. Here, we investigate the behaviour of quantum correlations and information in the presence of dispersion. To do so we send one half of an entangled state of light through a gain-assisted slow- or fast-light medium and detect the transmitted quantum correlations and quantum mutual information. We show that quantum correlations can be advanced by a small fraction of the correlation time, even in the presence of noise added by phase-insensitive gain. Additionally, although the peak of the quantum mutual information between the modes can be advanced, we find that the degradation of the mutual information due to added noise appears to prevent an advancement of the leading edge. In contrast, we demonstrate a significant delay of both the leading and trailing edges of the mutual information in a slow-light system.