Workshop on Physical Application in Cambridge

A nice workshop in Cambridge (near the Newton's apple tree) with the non-linear waves community !

I am presenting the work of the group at the Isaac Newton Mathematics Institute in Cambridge.

The conference program is here :

And you can look at all the presentation that are actually recorded during the event.

This workshop aims to bring together experts in different areas of applied mathematics, physics, and engineering where dispersive hydrodynamics can play a crucial role, providing a forum to cross-fertilize ideas amongst domain specialists and mathematicians. The goal is to expose the underlying mathematical similarities between phenomena which occur on vastly different scales, involving studies that range from the characterisation of dispersive waves to the fully nonlinear regime including dispersive shocks, solitons, and wave interactions. The theme is designed to be broad, featuring participants specializing in a variety of subjects that share similar mathematical models embracing, but not being limited to, (i) fluid dynamics including oceanic and atmospheric phenomena, (ii) nonlinear optics, (iii) Bose-Einstein condensates, (iv) magnetism, (v) plasma physics, (vi) cooperative and granular systems.